Empowered Woman’s Journey from Escort to Love Seeker Unveiled in “Wife by the Hour”

"Wife By The Hour" by Gail Treasure

In a literary journey that traverses the landscapes of love, desire, and self-discovery, author Gail Treasure unveils the compelling narrative of Julia, a confident and empowered single mother, in her latest novel “Wife by the Hour.”

Julia, affectionately known as “Just Julia” in her previous profession as a sought-after escort, gracefully balances her professional life with the demands of parenthood. However, faced with the shifting sands of motherhood, she makes the courageous decision to transition into a full-time teaching career, bidding farewell to her former life of intimacy for good.

“Wife By The Hour” by Gail Treasure

As Julia embarks on her final day in the escorting business, she finds herself unexpectedly entangled in a whirlwind of emotions when her last client, the handsome Alex, stirs undeniably strong feelings within her. What unfolds is a journey of self-discovery and forbidden love as Julia grapples with newfound emotions while reflecting on her past experiences as an escort.

The novel deftly alternates between past and present, immersing readers in Julia’s reflections on her escorting experiences and her blossoming feelings for Alex. When Alex extends an invitation for Julia and her daughter to accompany him to France, where he plans to vacation with his family, including his wife, Julia finds herself torn between desire and morality.

Through Julia’s introspection, the novel explores the complexities of human relationships and desires, shedding light on the reasons why many men choose to seek intimacy outside of their marriages. Treasure skillfully navigates themes of empowerment, love, and self-awareness, painting a vivid portrait of a woman unafraid to pursue her dreams and confront her deepest desires.

“Wife by the Hour” has garnered praise from readers and critics alike for its evocative prose and richly drawn characters. From the sun-kissed landscapes of the south of France to the intricacies of Julia’s inner turmoil, Treasure’s novel offers a captivating exploration of love, longing, and the pursuit of happiness.

In a world dominated by men’s desires and needs, Julia emerges as a symbol of resilience and empowerment, challenging societal norms and following her heart’s truest desires. “Wife by the Hour” is not just a love story; it’s a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-discovery.

“Wife by the Hour” will be available for purchase starting April 9th, 2024, at a price of $24.99 CAD in paperback format. ISBN: 9781998206063.

As readers delve into the pages of “Wife by the Hour,” they are invited to embark on a journey of love, passion, and redemption—a journey that reaffirms the enduring power of the human heart to seek and find true fulfillment.

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