Exercise: Essential During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stressful enough time for expectant mothers without having to worry about health complications. Unfortunately, in rare cases, pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes can occur, both of which can put mother and child at risk.

Pre-eclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and organ damage, usually the kidneys; while gestational diabetes involves inadequate insulin production, causing high blood glucose levels. Obesity elevates the risk of developing either condition.

With that said, it makes sense that exercise may be an effective way to avoid pre-eclampsia / gestational diabetes and stay healthy during pregnancy. Research supports this, including a recent study that determined exercising would decrease the above health risks and associated health care costs. The study included women considered obese according to the BMI (body-mass index) scale, meaning their BMI was 30 or higher.

Even better news: According to the study, exercising during pregnancy would also reduce the risk of preterm birth, as well as neonatal (first 28 days of life) and maternal death risk. Now that’s a reason for expectant mothers to exercise! Talk to your chiropractor for more information.

For more information on health and safety please visit www.toyourhealth.com and the Ontario Chiropractic Association web site at www.chiropractic.on.ca or call 1877-327-2273. Dr. George I. Traitses of Infinite Health practices traditional chiropractic, advanced nutrition and anti aging therapy and has been serving the Toronto and Markham communities since 1981. You can reach him at 416-499-5656 orwww.infinite-health.com

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