Hockey Fans To Score Style Points With Cremo™ And Put Their Best Beards Forward For 2017 Beard-A-Thon®

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Grooming and skincare brand announces sponsorship of Beard-A-Thon®

Company, maker of astonishingly superior beard and shave products, is proud to announce the brand’s sponsorship of the 2017 Beard-A-Thon®. Now entering its eighth year, Beard-A-Thon® encourages fans to grow a playoff beard while raising money for charities nationwide.  Cremo™ invites fans to shape and style their playoff beards with superior grooming essentials.

Since its debut, Beard-A-Thon® has raised more than $3.5 million for charity. Each year, participants invite family, friends, and business associates to join the longstanding tradition to pledge their playoff beards. With Cremo™ on the team, hockey fans can look like all-stars with perfectly groomed facial hair.

“We are proud to put our name, expertise and superior beard and shave products behind Beard-A-Thon®,” said Matthew Biggins, President of Cremo™. “As playoff teams compete for the Stanley Cup®, we are helping to shape the beards of the players and fans while helping to raise millions of dollars for NHL charity partners.”

The integrated partnership includes activation at Beard-A-Thon® local events across the country. Fans attending events can sample Cremo™ products and meet the Cremo™ team at select locations.

“Thousands of hockey fans grow a playoff beard every year to raise money for charities across the country,” said John Cimperman, EVP of Match Marketing Group, a national marketing agency that created and manages Beard-A-Thon®. “Partnering with Cremo™ gives fans the products they need to look their best, while supporting their team.”

To learn more about astonishingly superior products from Cremo™, visit and for more information on getting involved in Beard-A-Thon®, visit

About Cremo™
Cremo™ Company is the fastest growing skin care company in the US, offering a full line of shave and beard care products that deliver astonishingly superior, category-defining products made in the USA. Our experienced chemists are experts in skin-care products, and focus on developing superior performing Cremo™ products that use only the best ingredients to deliver noticeable, dramatic results.

About Beard-A-Thon®
The Beard-A-Thon® tradition was started in the 1980’s by the four-time Stanley Cup® champion, New York Islanders. The player stops shaving when his team enters the playoffs and does not shave until his team is eliminated or wins the Stanley Cup®. By receiving pledges, participants promise to join the tradition. Fans who are unwilling (or unable) to grow playoffs beards, can also pledge their favorite player, other local celebrities, or build their own beard with the “Build-A-Beard” web application. For more information, visit

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