Incredible Group Brings Iconic Jelly Bean Flavors to Life this Fall with a NEW Toy Line!

Spilling the Beans: Incredible Group Redefines Sweet Sensations with a Squishy and Scented Assortment of Jelly Belly® Toys

Jelly Belly Squishy Jelly Beans by Incredible Group (CNW Group/Incredible Group)

TORONTO, /PRNewswire/ – Incredible Group has unveiled its long-awaited lineup of Jelly Belly® licensed toys and collectibles in a collaboration sure to satisfy your sweetest cravings. The collection, set to launch in Fall 2023, includes a range of squishy toys in various sizes shaped like Jelly Belly jelly beans- all of which are scented to replicate original Jelly Belly bean flavors.

Incredible Group’s partnership with Jelly Belly builds on a longstanding commitment to discovering, creating, and sharing the best toys and games in its market. The collection will feature squishy, scented, and collectible jelly bean toys with classic Jelly Belly bean shapes and scents! Available in two different collectible sizes and a variety of packs for purchase, this new launch is a must-have for kids and adults alike!

“Jelly Belly has become an iconic brand for candy lovers, and we’re thrilled to bring a new way for everyone to enjoy the gourmet jelly bean,” said Saul Sacks, President of Incredible Group. “We’ve worked to infuse this toy collection with as many of the iconic features of authentic Jelly Belly jelly beans, and we are genuinely proud of the result.”

“Jelly Belly is excited to partner with Incredible Group to introduce a new collection of toys that capture the vibrant colors, irresistible scents, and fun of our Jelly Belly jelly beans,” said Rob Swaigen, VP of Global Marketing at Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Starting this November, Jelly Belly fans can find this delectable toy line at the following retailers in North America:

  • Canada: Giant Tiger, Indigo, Party City Canada, Red Apple, Toys ‘R Us, Walmart Canada, Mastermind toys and independent retailers
  • USAMeijer, It’Sugar, FYE, Learning Express and independent retailers

SOURCE Incredible Group

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