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TORONTO, /CNW/ – Zellers, Canada’s go-to destination for families in search of quality toys, is thrilled to unveil its Toy Book for the holidays. This whimsical Toy Book isn’t an ordinary gift guide; it’s a carefully curated treasure map to top-tier toys, sprinkling a touch of magic into the holiday shopping experience for parents and kids alike. Inside, discover boatloads of fun, including wooden playsets by Anko, latest figures from Barbie and Paw Patrol, the brand-new Zeddy plush, and engaging and learning activities like DIY friendship bracelets, puzzles, unicorn painting kits, and more.

But – you don’t have to take our word for it. We enlisted the help of ten enthusiastic young reviewers aged 5-10 (and a puppy for good measure), to provide feedback and insights on the toy collection. These expert reviewers were given toys to play with and evaluated, delivering insights for parents looking to make the holiday season truly magical.

  1. Remote Control Dog
    Meet this adorable interactive, remote-controlled pup, bound to become your little one’s perfect playtime pal. It’s not just a toy; it’s a friend that can sense motion, bust out in playful dances, jam to catchy tunes, perform handstands, and zoom around with joyful forward, backward, left, and right movements!

    Reviewed by Blair from Calgary, age 6: “Watch him do amazing tricks. Good dog. I love him. He makes real dog noises and does tricks just like my real puppy”

  2. 24-piece Paint and Decorate Unicorn Kit
    Who says unicorns aren’t real? This paint set is a magical canvas for these enchanting creatures. Who knows, it might just spark a budding career in the arts!

    Reviewed by Meera from Toronto, age 8: “10/10. The paint is very colourful and washes off easily. I like the gems. The glitter tube is good, but watch out when you squeeze it—it comes out quickly!”

  3. Wooden Retro Play Kitchen with the 8-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Play Set
    This retro-style wooden kitchen serves up inspiration for creative culinary imagination! Whether hosting a tea party for a friend or dishing out treats to stuffies, this kitchen makes all pretend meals possible.

    Reviewed by Brynnley from Cambridge, aged 5: “Mommy, I can make you food sometimes now, but not carrots, ok?” Her favourite feature: “Making all my toys not hungry. And making food with my cousins and mom.”

  4. Alphabet Bingo and Magnetic Dress Up Set
    Dive into the world of learning with one set designed to teach the alphabet, and another that sparks expression through different fashion looks. These sets mix education and imagination, making playtime engaging and enriching.

    Reviewed by Anne from Calgary, age 5: “Playing bingo is so much fun. I like how this game has ice cream, penguins, and owls!” And the dress up dolls: “This girl looks so chic in her sunglasses,” and “I love the doll’s clothing and how I can change her outfits. She even has purses.”
  5. 14-piece Wooden Tree House Set
    Get ready for a tree-mendous adventure! This wooden tree house, featuring 14 ahhh-dorable pieces including mushrooms for seats, invites dolls and figurines into a world of whimsy curated by kids. It’s a miniature realm where stories come to life and creativity knows no bounds.

    Reviewed by Lucy from Winnipeg, age 6: “I love it because it has furniture that you can move around. It’s great because it can fit animals AND dinos.”

  6. Metal Dump Truck
    This metal dump truck is bound to rev up imaginations and is a must-have for any young contractor. Its sturdy design withstands the toughest play session, ensuring hours of fun!

    Reviewed by Nathan from Mississauga, age 5: “The dump truck is big, fast, and yellow.”

  7. Shell Jewellery Bead Set
    In the era of friendship bracelet exchanges, this set offers it all. It nurtures patience (it’s a skill to string a bead!), sparks creativity, enhances fine motor skills, and encourages friendships to bloom through mutual exchange.

    Reviewed by Isla from Toronto, age 10: “Really cute beads. I liked them so much I bought the rainbow one.”

  8. 83-piece Working Farm Play Set
    A bustling day unfolds on the farm. From herding cows to tucking in piglets for their afternoon nap, the Farm Playset immerses kids into a world of rural adventure!

    Reviewed by Abigail from Woodbridge, age 7: “Oh wow, this looks like it will be fun to build!” She particularly loved the adorable farm animals and wondered if she could pet them.

  9. 30-piece Wooden Train Set
    From navigating steep mountain passes to delivering cargo through bustling towns, this imaginative playset takes young conductors on a journey through their wildest locomotive dreams. All aboard for endless fun!

    Reviewed by Noah from Mississauga, age 5: “My favourite things are the colours of the train. I like taking them apart and putting them together.”

  10. 100-Piece Solar System Puzzle and Indoor Play Tent
    Kids journey to the centre of the universe, embarking on a cosmic quest of curiosity through this puzzle. Piece by piece, fascinating facts about the solar system are revealed – from the blazing sun to the Milky Way. Plus, when imagination calls, Anko’s Indoor Play Tent doubles as a spaceship for out-of-this-world adventures.

    Reviewed by Freddie from Winnipeg, age 5: “I liked it because there are so many pieces. It makes me feel good because I love puzzles.” And from inside the tent, “I love playing in it!” He also shared how feels when he plays in it: “Funny! Because I like laughing in it.”

  11. Squeaky Monkey Dog Toy
    Built tough and ready for action, this toy offers endless entertainment for four-legged friends while playfully monkeying around. Let the tugging begin!

    Reviewed by Hugo the Boston Terrier from Hamilton, age 4, and shared by his mom: “This monkey gives him a special kind of zoomies!”

The Toy Book is the ultimate resource for a memorable holiday season, featuring toys and gifts that have passed the ultimate kid-approved test. Follow @ZellersOfficial on social media, and visit Zellers.ca for even more inspiration.



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