Logan Paul Teases New April Fools Collab With KFC That Could Actually Become Real

Logan Paul and KFC Canada tease fans with potential collab
Logan Paul and KFC Canada tease fans with potential collab

TORONTO, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the spirit of April Fools’, Logan Paul, co-owner of PRIME Energy Drinks set the internet ablaze with an April Fools’ joke that KFC Canada wants to turn into a real product collab between the two brands.

The potential collab comes in response to Logan Paul’s humorous April Fools’ prank, where he unveiled a mock KFC-flavored PRIME Energy Drink on social media. Embracing the playful banter, KFC Canada saw an opportunity to transform the joke into a real collaboration by posting a lineup of dipping sauces inspired by the bold flavors of PRIME Energy Drinks – hinting that it could all become real if the post hits 50k likes.

“We couldn’t resist the opportunity to play along with Logan Paul’s April Fools’ prank,” said Azim Akhtar, Director of Marketing at KFC Canada. “His creativity sparked an idea that we just had to explore further, and we’re excited to see where this potential collaboration could take us.”

In response to KFC’s announcement, Logan Paul and PRIME enthusiastically replied, “Consider it done,” hinting at the potential for this joke to evolve into a genuine partnership. The exchange has ignited speculation and excitement among fans, raising the possibility of an innovative collaboration between KFC, PRIME, and Logan Paul.

“April 1st is the perfect chance for brands to inject some playfulness into their products,” remarked Akhtar. “It’s not just about hopping onto cultural trends to create buzz; it’s about doing something memorable – and in this case, the chance to bring something tangible to life.”

As details of the collaboration continue to unfold, KFC Canada encourages fans to stay tuned for updates and surprises in the weeks to come. Whether it’s a playful prank or a groundbreaking collaboration, KFC remains committed to delivering innovative and delicious food experiences for its fans.

For more information and updates on the potential KFC x Prime Energy Drinks collaboration, follow @KFC_Canada and @DrinkPrime on social media.

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