Merican Mule Launches Two New, Ready-To-Drink Mule Cocktails

Ready-to-drink Tropical Style Mule by 'Merican Mule

New Products Introduced to the Market in the Midst of the Brand’s Expansion to More than 500 Retailers

NORWALK, Conn.July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Merican Mule, the creator of America’s ever-popular Moscow Mule in a can, is excited to announce the launch of two new mule flavors: Tropical Style and Mexican Style.

The Tropical Style Mule, made of rum, ginger, and pineapple, and the Mexican Style Mule, made of tequila, ginger, and lime, come in 12 oz. cans and contain 7% alcohol. Like the original Moscow Style Mule, both beverages are ready-to-drink and made of premium quality spirits and all-natural ingredients.

“While the Moscow Mule has been an increasingly popular cocktail over the past several years, we saw a demand for new twists on the classic,” said Dean Mahoney, CEO and co-founder of ‘Merican Mule. “Our mission as a brand is to always listen to our consumers and provide them with high quality, convenient, and delicious cocktails that weren’t previously available in the market.”

Currently distributed in CaliforniaConnecticutMassachusetts and New York, ‘Merican Mule is rapidly growing and expanding its presence.

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About ‘Merican Mule

‘Merican Mule is a premium, canned cocktail brand that delivers convenient, bartender-quality Moscow Mules made with real, premium distilled spirits, ginger, and all-natural ingredients (instead of malt or alcohol from cane sugar like most hard seltzers). Since coming to stores in 2017, ‘Merican Mule now distributes in five states and more than 500 retail locations, offering three flavors:  their flagship Moscow Style Mule (with vodka), the Mexican Style Mule (with tequila), and the Tropical Style Mule (with rum).


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