Eglinton Crosstown: Leslie Street to the Don River

metrolinx construction don mills road
Photo: Crews have now completed 240 of 630 piles to be drilled on the north side of Eglinton Avenue, both east and west of Don Mills Road.

Construction Works at Science Centre Station and At-Grade Western Alignment (Sunnybrook Park, Aga Khan Park & Museum, and Wynford Stops)

Crews to continue utility relocations at the northwest and southwest corners while road widening work and piling continues on the south side of Eglinton Avenue. Excavation for the off-street bus terminal at the northeast corner is also underway. Crews are also carrying out ongoing preparatory works along Eglinton Avenue East between Leslie Street and Midland Avenue.

Safety Video

In the interest of making sure pedestrians, cyclists and drivers stay safe during construction of the Eglinton Crosstown stations, Metrolinx has produced a new video, with the help of Toronto Transportation Services, outlining a number of important things that everyone needs to keep in mind while travelling along the corridor.


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