New Designer, Roz Tamblyn, Re-Imagines Dress Shirts for Women

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TORONTO, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – On September 26, 2017, Canadian designer Roz Tamblyn, founder of roz + loki, will be celebrating the launch of their first Kickstarter campaign where they will unveil their first line of women’s dress shirts. This innovative line seeks to solve all the issues women face with traditional dress shirts, eliminating gaping at the bust, shirts that ride up, underarm staining and constrictive fit and fabric.

After 18 months of designing, sourcing high-caliber Canadian manufacturers, sampling and selecting premium fabrics from around the world, developing prototypes and market testing them, roz + loki has perfected their design and are finally ready to share their stylish shirts with women around the world.

Not only are roz + loki dress shirts a long awaited solution to the issues women have faced with traditional dress shirts but they also give back to the community with $10 of every dress shirt sold online going to your choice of Sick Kids Foundation or Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Roz Tamblyn explains: “Most women for one reason or another are frustrated with the traditional dress shirt. We designed our shirts to solve the various issues women face when wearing dress shirts such as gaping at the bust and restricted range of motion. We can’t wait to share our shirts with the Kickstarter community and to get women wearing dress shirts again.”

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About roz + loki
roz + loki is an apparel start-up based in Toronto, Canada. Founder Roz Tamblyn spent most of her adult life in a corporate environment. She had a lot of experience wearing conventional women’s dress shirts and quickly became aware of their challenges. With a laundry list of ideas to make dress shirts more comfortable for women around world, the entrepreneur got to work, designing the perfect dress shirt.
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