One of Eddie Van Halen’s Guitars is Being Auctioned Online by Former Fiancée at March 25-31

LOS ANGELESMarch 24, 2021 /CNW/ — Former fiancée of Eddie Van Halen, Joey House is privately auctioning one of Eddie’s personal guitars that he ordered specifically to play in her garden at the House of Petals in Bel Air California.

Auction is produced and managed by Duane Sevelin of Sevelin Creative and Francesco Kozerski of Global Web Advisors.

The guitar is one of two Peavey Wolfgang’s models ordered by Eddie to play the House of Petals impromptu jam sessions hosted over the years while they were together.

Eddie signed and gifted the guitars to Joey – House of Petals, Editions #1 and #2.

Guitar #1 is being auctioned in an online sealed-bid at and includes a matching signed case and one of Eddie’s guitar pics.

Auction is Thursday, March 25, at 8 a.m. PDT until March 31 at Midnight PDT.

Joey House Quotes:

Eddie Van Halen and I, Joey House, had an amazing deep incredible whirlwind relationship.”

“He created these House of Petals guitars out of the love and passion we had. We would sit in the garden of House of Petals, play music, laugh and talk late into the night. I will continue to cherish these unforgettable memories forever.”

“Eddie’s beautiful wicked sense of humor and his passion and creativity are unmatched by anyone else I’ve ever met. He will always be a beautiful amazing man, musician, father, and creative genius in so many areas of life.”

“We had so many fun wild adventures together. Eddie and I used to go into his 5150 studio at his house, and create music and songs late into the night and morning. It was so fun, inspiring, and creative. We would stay up late, creating beauty and magic. We didn’t even care about sleeping!”

“Eddie would ask me to come over and watch him create and build guitars. It was so fascinating to watch him build and sculpt guitars from scratch. It was one of his fun creative outlets.”

“Eddie’s passion for music and creativity was part of his life force. He used to tell me all the time that he would let go and just channel, letting the information and inspiration come through him to create his music and magic. It was so beautiful to witness.”

“These guitars are such a beautiful representation of his creativity, love, joy and passion. He will always be cherished and missed. He was such a magical human being and profound artist and musician, continuing to be alive in all of our hearts forever, cherished and missed incredibly for all of our lifetime.”

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