Pasta Night in Vaughan feeds over 150 Refugees and People in Need

(L to R): Julian Parentela, President and General Manager of Château Le Jardin Event Venue & 27 Developments, Inc. ; Steven Del Duca, Mayor of Vaughan; Natasha Parentela, Director of Sales

On Wednesday July 26, over 150 people were in attendance at Château Le Jardin for a Pasta Night event, representing various organizations, including the Vaughan Food Bank, Knights Table, Miracle Arena, and Humanity First Canada.

The event was organized in response to the ongoing food shortages and rising costs that have been significantly impacting communities and families across the country. In Ontario alone, there had been a 64% increase in first-time visitors to food banks between 2019 and 2022 (Source: Hunger Report). Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Château Le Jardin decided to take a stand against food insecurity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Pasta Night served as an opportunity for local food banks, shelters, and community groups to come together, fostering a sense of fellowship and unity. Talented chefs skillfully prepared a variety of pasta dishes, providing attendees not only with a comforting meal but also an uplifting experience.

During the event, Château Le Jardin made special donations to each local community organization in attendance. The gathering was private and exclusive to local food banks, community services, shelters, refugees, and asylum seekers, with the understanding that this was not a one-time resolution.

To further tackle food insecurity, Château Le Jardin welcomed those who were able and willing to support those in need to donate through a designated link. The funds raised would be donated to local community groups in the coming weeks, extending the impact of their efforts.


  • “Château Le Jardin has always valued the incredible support and generosity of our community. We are immensely grateful for the trust and patronage we have received over the years. Hosting a Pasta Night is our way of showing our appreciation and giving back to the community that has supported us. Food insecurity, a serious issue facing many in our community, and we hope to raise more awareness and provide a comforting meal to our fellow citizens in Vaughan and the GTA, who need it most.” Julian Parentela, President and General Manager of Château Le Jardin Event Venue & 27 Developments, Inc.

By Anastasia Semionov from Blue Door PR Agency

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