Statement by the Prime Minister on Yom HaShoah

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Ottawa, Ontario – The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Yom HaShoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day:

“Tonight at sundown, Jewish communities in Canada and around the world will mark Yom HaShoah.

“On this day, we solemnly remember the six million Jews who were systematically and senselessly murdered during the Holocaust.

“As one of the darkest chapters in history, the unimaginable loss and inhumanity faced during the Holocaust will never fade. We can never bring back the lives lost. We can never finish the stories left incomplete. Many of those who survived and their descendants continue to live with the trauma of what occurred. It’s why remembering the past – however painful – also reminds us of our eternal obligation to stop this from ever happening again.

“This year, Yom HaShoah, and its message, comes as Jewish communities are still reeling from the events of October 7, 2023. Hamas’ brutal terrorist attacks against Israel were the deadliest attacks on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Canada unequivocally condemns the attacks and anyone who glorifies Hamas’ indefensible actions. Hamas are not freedom fighters; they are not a resistance; they are terrorists.

“Since October 7, Jewish communities in Canada and around the world have experienced a disturbing rise in antisemitism. That is unacceptable and must not continue. Whether it’s at a synagogue or a Jewish business or school; whether it’s wearing the Star of David or a Kippah – Jewish Canadians deserve to feel safe, supported, and welcomed. They deserve to live openly and proudly Jewish lives, without intimidation or fear.

“To Jewish Canadians, know that we stand with you. Our solidarity is steadfast. And our commitment to your safety is ironclad. We will continue to take action to keep you safe and raise awareness about antisemitism. Budget 2024 announced the creation of a new permanent national Holocaust remembrance program, with a $5 million investment. This will support initiatives to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and help more Canadians learn about the atrocities and the antisemitism that led to them. Budget 2024 also invests over $273 million over six years to implement Canada’s Action Plan on Combatting Hate, including over $29 million ongoing to combat hate crimes and enhance community security. And we’re renewing Canada’s National Holocaust Monument, increasing its visibility and engagement so its lessons reach even more communities across the country.

“Today, and everyday, we honour and celebrate the courage and resilience of Jewish Canadians and the Jewish people. As ceremonies are held in schools, synagogues, and community centres across the country, I encourage all Canadians to speak out against antisemitism and to pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

“Together, let us never forget and let us all repeat the vow: ‘Never again’.”


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