“Insane Number of Canadians Participating in $502 Million Good Friday Lottery Draw”

TORONTO, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

London-based website adds capacity to accommodate Canadian traffic

The US Mega Millions offers a jackpot worth US$502 million on Good Friday and hundreds of thousands of Canadians are trying their luck online through, a lottery ticket messenger service which buys official lottery tickets in the US on behalf of Canadian and other enthusiasts based outside of the United States.

In preparation for the influx of Canadian traffic, the London-based company has reserved extra human and server capacity to ensure as many people as possible can participate in the biggest draw in the world.

theLotter’s spokesman Austin Weaver: “Canada’s penchant for US lotteries such as this weekend’s $502 million Mega Millions continues to amaze us. Just when we thought growth there would be levelling out, we start seeing an ever-increasing number of new players. Quebec has historically been good for us, especially after we helped create a Powerball millionaire in that province, but Ontario, Alberta and BC are now definitely playing catch-up.”

Weaver also notices that many Canadian lottery winners are keen on anonymity: “Thankfully theLotter is experienced in handling such privacy-related requests. Our Iraqi US jackpot winner’s identity was kept secret by the Oregon Lottery to protect his safety. But at theLotter we also refrain from publishing surnames of winners if those winners prefer to remain anonymous. It’s standard courtesy for us.”, a messenger service which legally purchases lottery tickets for overseas players, has helped people win $115 million Cdn. since 2002: late 2015 an Iraqi client won the $6.4 million US jackpot in Oregon. In the wake of his prize collection in Oregon, theLotter established a large operation in that state from which it safely and securely purchases its clients’ US lottery tickets!

Most recently, theLotter has helped create lottery millionaires in Canada, El Salvador, Russia, Ukraine & Australia, and a Panamanian pensioner won $30 million in a US lottery! All big winner stories can be found here.

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