Next Pathway launches FUSE, a revolutionary product that enables data-as-a-service

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TORONTO, March 28, 2018 /CNW/ – Next Pathway, a leading provider of enterprise big data and digital transformation software, today launched FUSE, a product designed for business users to automatically enrich and transform data inside of big data environments. FUSE significantly reduces the deployment time for large-scale data transformation projects by allowing business users to define data requirements in terms familiar to them, which in turn automatically moves that information to a target data model.

“Typically, if business users want to consume data from a central data repository, they need to define requirements in spreadsheets, and then develop ETL code that collects and transforms the data,” said Chetan Mathur, Next Pathway’s CEO. “The manual steps to develop ETL code are incredibly time consuming, costly, and often leads to errors. FUSE empowers business users to transform, search, and consume their data based on business terms they’ve previously defined in a business glossary. By redefining the process of data transformation, FUSE revolutionizes how data is enriched and accessed for analytics.”

FUSE’s automation means organizations can save up to 75 per cent of the development time on their data integration projects, while allowing business users to access data on-demand.

FUSE core capabilities include:

  • Business Capability alignment to industry standard data models
  • Automatic creation of an Atomic Data Warehouse in big data environments and the cloud, based on a desired target data model. An Atomic Data Warehouse is a data model that includes all the base data used in data transformation.
  • Automatic generation of data transformations to move data to an Atomic Data Warehouse
  • Automatic lineage capture to metadata management solutions

FUSE is the latest product in Next Pathway’s portfolio, which also includes Cornerstone, a data manufacturing pipeline that enables customers to automatically ingest large volumes of data to big data environments or the cloud, without writing a single line of code; SHIFT, which automates the conversion and translation of legacy code when moving to big data environments; Array, which helps organizations expose back-end services automatically via a service-oriented architecture; and Mercury, which automates microservices development, helping organizations modernize their monolithic applications.

FUSE is available immediately.

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