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National Housing Day in Mississauga

November 21, 2023 GTA Weekly 0

On November 22, the City will mark National Housing Day, a day that recognizes the important work by housing partners across Canada to improve access to housing for all. Housing affordability continues to be a […]

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Mississauga ready to be an Independent City

November 15, 2023 GTA Weekly 0

On Wednesday, Mississauga City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Shari Lichterman presented an update to Council about the City of Mississauga becoming an independent, single-tier municipality on January 1, 2025. In June 2023, the provincial […]

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Consequences of feeding wildlife

October 31, 2023 GTA Weekly 0

Feeding wildlife often does more harm than good. Feeding wildlife can unintentionally lead to negative consequences for both animals and people. Feeding wildlife is illegal in Mississauga under the City’s Animal Care and Control By-law, with […]