Toronto’s Geary Factory Lofts Creates Ownership Opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Small Business Owners in Vibrant Community Hub

TORONTO, /CNW/ – Intentional Capital is pleased to announce their latest project–Geary Factory Lofts. These corporate condos will transform an underused, historic, button factory into a four-story, 40-unit hub of working condos for entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners in the city.

Geary Factory Lofts gives entrepreneurs and visionaries an exciting opportunity to own their own workspaces while being part of the dynamic hub along Geary Avenue. With raw floorplans, buyers can fashion their workspaces and curate them according to the design choices that make sense for the culture and operations of their business.

Corporate condos are a tried-and-true concept in cities with thriving tech ecosystems and entrepreneurial spirit like New York and Vancouver, where soaring commercial rent has tipped the scale in favor of ownership. In Toronto, corporate condos are a welcome development to the real estate market, offering unique financial benefits to entrepreneurs. Among the benefits of ownership, business owners gain the opportunity to build corporate equity and access more capital as the value of their property rises. Additionally, business owners can often write down mortgage interest because they own the property, while avoiding costs and risks associated with renting.

“As a real estate development, Geary Factory Lofts is keeping with the spirit and community of Geary Avenue, while giving entrepreneurs and business owners a way to build corporate equity and financial leverage,” said Rod Bell, Managing Director, Intentional Capital. “Small business owners are often priced-out of the communities and workspaces that they helped to build, but with ownership that risk evaporates.”

Historically, Toronto was developed with low-rise buildings and storefronts, where owner-operated small businesses were central to communities across the city. Corporate condos offer today’s entrepreneurs and business owners a similar bricks-and-mortar opportunity but have distinct advantages over the purchase of stand-alone buildings including shared maintenance costs, insurance, and property taxes.

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SOURCE Intentional Capital

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