NOW® and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gunnar Peterson Debut NEW Workout Series, Pledge to Help People #LiveHealthyNOW

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Top Wellness Experts Join Forces with Natural Products Leader to Fuel Fit and Clean Routines This Summer and Beyond

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, leading natural products manufacturer NOW®, in partnership with two of the country’s top wellness experts – celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson and nutritionist and author Dawn Jackson Blatner –launched the #LiveHealthyNOW campaign at  There, people can pledge to live their healthiest lifestyle NOW and recharge their summer fitness routines with access to exclusive expert content, including total-body workouts, daily wellness tips and healthy recipes – plus enter for a chance to win NOW products to support their goals.

In celebration of the #LiveHealthyNOW campaign, NOW will donate $5,000 to Project Fit America to help support fitness programs for children across the country.

“Right about now is when most people experience what I call ‘summer fitness fatigue.’ They’ve really pushed themselves to look and feel their best for the season and now they hit a plateau during these last few weeks before summer really begins,” said Gunnar, a Beverly Hills-based trainer who’s responsible for many A-list and pro-athlete sculpted physiques. “It’s time to re-assess the daily routine, change up the workouts, and incorporate the right foods and products, like those from NOW, to help the body work more efficiently.”

To help reboot the fitness regimen, Gunnar designed a completely NEW workout series, featuring seven total-body workouts that can be modified to any fitness level and be done anywhere. “It’s all about the basics. You want to keep the body responsive to new challenges, and doing things like increasing sets and repetitions, circuits, will build up your endurance and strength,” added Gunnar, whose workouts are available at through 2017. “But remember, to see the changes you desire, you need to make a total commitment to your health, and that means making fitness part of a clean routine overall.”

According to Gunnar and Dawn, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices are the ultimate trifecta for a fitter and more natural routine – and NOW can help, with more than 1,400 affordable and high-quality functional foods, supplements, personal care, essential oils and sports nutrition products.

“There’s no magic potion that’s going to do the work for you. Shaking up your daily routine with simple and fun swaps are keys to pushing through that plateau,” said Dawn, author of best-selling “The Superfood Swap” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017). “And believe me, the results will come.”

Gunnar and Dawn share their top three tips for a healthy and fit routine. For more tips and daily inspiration, visit

  1. Add ‘dessert’ to your workouts. Gunnar, who does this with clients regularly, said they “love to hate it!” After the workout is done, give that extra push like a one mile stationary bike ride or run, or a half mile ride with a one minute plank, then repeat both. And if you’re feeling the burn, massage NOW® Solutions Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil ( or Joint & Muscle Cream into tired, overworked muscles.

  2. Cut the C.R.A.P. (chemicals, refined flour and sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors, and preservatives) and make super swaps to fuel the body right. For example, start the day by supercharging your oatmeal by adding nuts and seeds, to increase healthy fat, protein, fiber and cinnamon for a sweet taste without sugar. For a sensational seed boost, try NOW’s Organic Hemp Seed Hearts. And for snack or light lunch, pack on the plant-based protein with Q-Cups™ (, portable quinoa cups that are ready to eat in just five minutes. They’re a great alternative to deli sandwiches or less-healthy starches, like rice. 

  3. Tip 3: SLEEP! Give the body a chance to rest and reset. Getting at least eight hours of restful sleep has so many benefits, including improving performance. There are some natural ways to prep for deeper sleep, like diffusing a relaxing essential oil blend or taking a melatonin supplement or natural sleep aid (* And to help optimize recovery during sleep, take NOW® Sports ZMA ( 30-60 minutes before hitting the hay.*

Visit to take the Pledge, workout with Gunnar, and find tips to get started today. To coordinate an interview with Gunnar and/or Dawn, email  Follow NOW Instagram (@nowfoodsofficial), as well as Facebook (@nowfoodsofficial) and Twitter (@nowfoods).

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