Thinking Bigger to be Future Ready

Future Ready Brampton

Game Changers Move City Forward

Brampton is thinking bigger. To move forward the City needs to be future ready, thinking bigger about opportunities that fuel its vibrancy. Six big initiatives within the Strategic Plan are now unanimously recognized by Council as potential game changers for Brampton:
Regional Transit Connections = Seamless local and regional transit services with connection points that bring walking, biking and transit together in areas where people work, live, shop and play.

Urban Centres = Urban neighbourhoods become vibrant destinations that create a sense of belonging with lots to do: walk along trails or inviting streets, attend festivals and events, admire old and new architecture.
Health Partnerships = Establishing Brampton as a leader in health and life sciences by building stronger relationships between existing companies, creating a cluster of health-related businesses around the recently reopened Peel Memorial Centre, and encouraging new investments.
University = Potential to contribute to our local economy and the vibrancy of our city; to give our youth the option to study in Brampton; and to produce new waves of skilled workers for the workforce of tomorrow.
Riverwalk = Brampton’s historic downtown lies within the floodplain of the Etobicoke Creek, which limits what can be built. Rebuilding the creek diversion channel will eliminate the flood risks, while expanding the city’s green infrastructure, creating new public spaces, and acting as a catalyst for urban growth, public transit and economic development.
Planning Vision = City planning must seize existing opportunities and create new ones; we must look at the city as a whole – not in pieces – in order to become a centre for jobs and innovation, a future city and a global leader.
Along with these six game changers the City is also focused on its critical foundation of Good Government. Customer service remains our priority. We are building financial strength and agility; leveraging healthier regional, federal and provincial partnerships; and modernizing our policies and procedures.
Learn more about what these game changes mean for Bramptonians. [more…]

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