Fat Bastard Burrito releases new menu items!

Image of Fat Bastard's new small burrito

Get ready for a taste sensation that will rock your world! Fat Bastard Burrito is turning up the heat in the kitchen and introducing an array of bold, flavorful creations that are set to redefine your burrito experience. 

🍠Sweet Potato Spectacle  
 Fat Bastard Burrito is kicking off the culinary celebration with a new plant-based option – Sweet Potato! Brace yourself for an explosion of sweet and savory goodness that will leave your taste buds dancing. Cubed sweet potatoes are baked to perfection with a blend of Mexican spices. It’s a healthy spin on the beloved burrito that’s bound to become your new obsession.  

🍗New Chicken Recipe 
Hold on to your hats because Fat Bastard Burrito has unveiled a brand-new chicken recipe that’s set to take the world by storm. Picture succulent chicken breast pieces marinated in a rich and authentic Mexican sauce. It’s a flavor explosion that will leave you craving for more. 

🥩Beef Barbacoa – A Taste of Mexico 
Prepare to be transported to the heart of Mexico with Beef Barbacoa! Slow cooked to perfection with authentic Mexican spices, this dish captures the unique and authentic Barbacoa flavor like no other. It’s a journey your taste buds won’t want to miss.

🥟Empanada Duo: A Flavorful Choice That’s Here to Stay! 
Enjoy two tempting options: 

·       Tequila Lime Chicken: Baked chicken, cheese, Tequila Lime Sauce, and jalapeño, fried to perfection.  

·       Beans & Cheese (Veggie): Pinto beans, black beans, cheese, Buffalo Sauce, jalapeño, and cilantro, in a crispy shell.  

 Plus, Chicken Empanadas are now a permanent menu item, perfect for a delicious, handheld snack anytime you want!  

🌯Small Burrito 
But that’s not all! Fat Bastard Burrito is also introducing the Small Burrito, perfect for those times when you want a quick, delicious snack without the full-sized meal commitment. 

In addition to all the delicious new menu items, Fat Bastard Burrito is now serving 50% more protein on all burritos and bowls for the same price to give you more value for your dollar!  Join Fat Bastard Burrito on this culinary adventure as it redefines the burrito experience. These mouthwatering creations are the result of the brand’s passion for quality, flavour, and innovation. Tell your friends and prepare your taste buds for the extraordinary! Fat Bastard Burrito is about to blow your mind with flavour.

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