Tracking the Eglinton LRT: Mount Pleasant Station 

Construction Work at Mount Pleasant Station

Main Entrance support of excavation, also known as shoring, will begin shortly . The work will be contained in the existing site set up and will last for approximately eight weeks.

Secondary Entrance support of excavation continues and will last approximately one more week. Work sometimes requires crews to occupy the westbound Eglinton Avenue East curb lane just outside the secondary entrance for truck staging.

Shoring in the station entrances is the first step in the shoring process for the entire station. The next phase of shoring will move into the roadway for the station box area. Currently this is planned to begin in early Spring. Once shoring begins in the roadway, residents and commuters can expect lane reductions and turning restrictions to be implemented for approximately 13 months.

Safety Video

In the interest of making sure pedestrians, cyclists and drivers stay safe during construction of the Eglinton Crosstown stations, Metrolinx has produced a new video, with the help of Toronto Transportation Services, outlining a number of important things that everyone needs to keep in mind while travelling along the corridor.

For more information about Mount Pleasant Station, please contact:
East Community Office
660 Eglinton Avenue East (Sunnybrook Plaza)


Crosstown MetroLinx

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