Cannabis Edibles: The Government of Quebec is Putting at Risk the Health and Safety of Quebecers According to the QCIA

The Quebec government bans most edible cannabis products, although legalized everywhere else in Canada

MONTREALNov. 20, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ – The Quebec Cannabis Industry Association (QCIA) believes that the adoption of the government’s proposed regulations on edible cannabis products puts the health and safety of Quebecers at risk. The proposed regulation prohibits most forms of edible cannabis, certain extracts, and topical products such as creams to relieve certain ailments in the province, while these products will be legally accessible elsewhere in Canada starting December 2019.

According to the QCIA, this decision goes against the objective of legalization –improve public safety by offering quality products rigorously controlled, and the eradication of the black market. Note that the regulation, is not intended to prevent Quebec residents from purchasing certain edible cannabis products, but only to prohibit the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) from selling them. Consumers will, therefore, purchase products on the black market and from other provinces.

“Access to illegal edibles online continues to grow, and the black market is becoming increasingly more sophisticated by misleading consumers with fake brands and professional-looking websites. These illegal products are usually delivered by mail in just a few days. They are also not subject to any hygiene test, and the current packaging does not meet Health Canada’s standards that prevent children from opening them, and the THC levels are poorly indicated,” says Michel Timperio, Chairman of QCIA’s Board of Directors.

Edibles, topicals and, cannabis extracts are seen as alternative forms for Quebecers to consume cannabis besides inhaling. The members of the Association firmly believe that this new regulation which claims to protect young people has no grounds and completely ignores reality. Sales of unregulated edible, topical and extracts products will continue to fuel organized crime.

“In our opinion, products consumed by Quebecers should be produced and controlled by Quebecers. Professionals and scientists of our Quebec-based companies should supervise, as they currently do with the products available at the SQDC. Edible cannabis products would then be carefully monitored, and the effects and composition would be measured, properly labelled and safely distributed,” concludes the QCIA President.

About QCIA
The Quebec Cannabis Industry Association (QCIA) represents Quebec cannabis companies that are regulated under the Cannabis Act and those preparing to be regulated under the Act. QCIA provides a forum for its members to reflect on issues affecting the Quebec industry and acts as a constructive interlocutor with the government and other stakeholders. The association’s mission is to support the development of a regulatory framework adapted to Quebec, and to support public health and safety objectives underpinning the legalization of cannabis, namely to reduce the harm associated with consumption through the supply of quality products subject to rigorous quality control and to redirect the proceeds of cannabis to the legal market. For more information, visit

SOURCE Quebec Cannabis Industry Association

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