A Serious Divided Country

Canadians Have Spoken … Trudeau Stays

The Liberals will lead a strong minority government. At 2PM local time in Canada the Conservatives have gotten the popular vote. Trudeau is bruised but not mortally damaged.

Statistics: 64.9% voter turn out.. 17, o13, 120. Change -3,3%. Lib. lost 1 million votes

Milton’s Lisa Conservative and Ralph Goodale … Liberal … surprise lost of seats.

They were gracious in concession speeches.


The electoral map speaks for itself.

Alberta and Saskatchewan have rebuked the Liberals … the map there is blue.

Bloc Now On Top

The Bloc Quebecois is the big winner in Quebec. The NDP has lost a number of seats in Quebec.

Trudeau said “Let us work hard to make Canada better” Trudeau lost 1.4 million votes.

NDP … Jagmeet Singh

Sing has the balance of power in a minority government. The Bloc could be a likely power broker. The wisdom of that may make it not happen.

The seat count is Liberals 156, Conservatives 122, Bloc. 32 the NDP 24 Greens 3 and Independent 1 .. total 338
See the attached map.

Will the leadership be challenged in the Green Party and the Conservatives due to the results. Will daggers be drawn?

We think the electorate in their wisdom was not thrilled with the parties. They were not about to make serious changes. Apart from the Bloc Quebecois the other leaders have a lot to think about.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National Correspondent & photojournalist for GTA Weekly

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