North Aware’s Smart Parka for women blends functionality with modern style

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North Aware - Move Forward - Smart Parka - Winter Coats and Jackets (CNW Group/North Aware)

TORONTONov. 30, 2017 /CNW/ – North Aware, the clothing company that manufactures the Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0, has established its Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0 women’s styles as winter coats that suit the needs of busy, discerning customers.

North Aware produces the Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0 in three styles for women: the Classic, Vogue, and Expedition. All three styles offer classic looks, fashionable details, utility, and durability, and all three are available in a range of colors. The Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0 offer women winter coat options that are a blend of practicality and stylishness.

Every Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0’s exterior is windproof and water repellent. Both versions of the Smart Parka have built-in gloves and a built-in scarf. The Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0 also have pockets for a tablet, smartphone, keys, hat, and electronic tracker.

The Smart Parka and Smart Parka 1.0 are not the customary style of bulky winter coats that are difficult to manage; both coats are slimming and have a fine silhouette. Both are also ideal for modern women since they combine fashion and effortless convenience by way of the storage capabilities, which allows wearers to keep valuables and other essentials close to them. With the built-in gloves and scarf, both Smart Parkas allow women to cut down on the number of accessories that they have to bring with them in cold weather.

North Aware has also launched a special holiday season sale that includes 40% off of all items.


North Aware was founded with a mission of creating the most stylish and innovative clothing in the world. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Smart Parka in 2016, which became the most funded Canadian Kickstarter campaign. North Aware aligns aesthetics and ingenuity to create products that are new and original. The company uses startup methodology and applies it to the garment industry to challenge assumptions and create products that are ground-breaking and beneficial.

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