F1 Leaders Heading into Summer Break

Max Verstappen of Red Bull after winning the Montreal Grand Prix

Good day to all F1 enthusiasts present and new. We are in our summer break until the next Grand Prix in Belgium, the 14 race, and the beginning of the second half of the season.

It’s going to be a sensational and fast-charging pace to the end of the season.

The second half starts on the weekend of August 26-28 and ends in Abu Dhabi with the 22nd race. 

More on times, dates and circuits in the upcoming days and weeks.


Red Bull Racing Driver Max Verstappen is ahead by 80 pts and has a total of 258 pts.

Ferrari Driver, Charles Leclerc is in second pace with 178 pts.

In 3rd is Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez with 133 pts.

In the Constructors “team” leader board, with 431 pts in first place is Red Bull Racing. Ferrari is in 2nd with 334 pts and Mercedes is in 3rd with 304 pts.


F1 worldwide viewership is above 400 million-plus. The F1 industry and all its components is a 2-billion-dollar industry growing and it’s just the beginning here in North America.

Stay viewed for upcoming races, times and Circuits in the next 20 days, 21 hours, and 10 mins until the next race, which will keep you engaged and informed. 

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