First Ever Global Mobile Talent Competition Awards $1 Million to Winning Megastar Performer, Andie Case

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Megastar’s First Worldwide Talent Competition Concluded on December 15, 2017

LOS ANGELESDec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Megastar announced singer songwriter Andie Case as the winner of its global mobile talent competition on December 15, awarding her $1 million U.S. dollars, the right to audition for a role in a digital film produced by Digital Riot Media/John Baldecchi and several other prizes. Creative Director, Head Judge, Mentor and Investor, Usher, announced the winner during a live stream on the Megastar App last Friday night. Megastar is the world’s foremost Mobile Talent Competition, where the winner was chosen by fans and celebrity judges, including Usher and BASE jumper/wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss, who followed the competition and voted in the Megastar App.

“Through her own unique voice and original music, Andie was able to connect to a large part of the Megastar audience and go on to win the million dollar first prize. This is a great accomplishment for an independent artist that now has the means to further invest in her own career the way she wants without any strings attached. Megastar is an empowering platform for independent artists,” said Usher.

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Singer songwriter Andie Case has spent several years forging her path as a loud and unforgiving talent who connects with fans through catchy hooks and messages of empowerment, love and loss. After a school expulsion and move to Los Angeles that had her living out of her car at the age of 18, the young singer climbed her way to the iTunes Top 100 with a cover of Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me” and received MTV’s Cover of the Year award for her and Mike Tompkins’ cover of “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara. With 1.2 million subscribers and more than 182 million views on YouTube, Case has continued to expand her fan base through her original music, ever-growing social media reach and live appearances with a family of talented peers brought together by Fullscreen, a global leader in social-first entertainment experiences.

“Such an amazing honor and opportunity like Megastar is made possible by the fans who have supported me in every step of my career, from YouTube to Fullscreen tours and everything in between,” said Case. “This is an ideal opportunity for an independent artist like myself. Being given the freedom to express my talents on my own terms while also giving fans the chance to lend their support – it’s a great concept and I was so happy to be involved.”

Megastar celebrates talent across seven categories of performance and puts the power in the audience’s hands, with one Performer winning the ultimate prize. The Top 5 finalists included: Adam and Kizzie from Oklahoma City, OklahomaAkil Apollo Davis from New York, New YorkAndie Casefrom Seattle, WashingtonChris Black from Gold Coast, Australia; and Monique Benabou from Venice BeachCalifornia.

“We were thrilled to announce singer/songwriter, Andie Case as our first ever Megastar. She developed and maintained her engaged fan base on the App throughout the competition, while also successfully showcasing her incredible craft time and again with new content submissions,” said Managing Director, CEO and Co-Founder of Megastar, Dion Sullivan. “Megastar is just the tip of the iceberg for us and we are looking forward to sharing some exciting new digital creative talent projects throughout the world in 2018.”

The competition was promoted by a massive multi-faceted marketing and media program throughout six weeks of heats, three Finals Rounds, Grand Finale week and the Final.

The first global audition heat commenced on September 30, 2017 with the Final on December 15, 2017.

Megastar is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Megastar’s second competition, Megastar Spotlight is a one month-long competition like the first worldwide competition, it is open to audition submissions from residents of the U.S., CanadaAustraliaGreat BritainSouth Africa, and New Zealand. Performers can submit their audition in one of seven categories including comedy, magic, variety, music, extreme, dance, and sport. The competition starts December 9th and ends January 8th. 1st place prize is $25,000, 2nd $5,000, and 3rd place $2,500 USD. Megastar is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Megastar, visit the App’s social channels on Facebook and Instagram.

MSM Corporation International Limited (“MSMCI”) is a digital entertainment technology company that specializes in building and launching mobile digital entertainment products to audiences, with our first product (Megastar) launching in the US, Great BritainAustraliaCanadaNew Zealand and South Africa. MSMCI partners with local operators in non-English speaking markets to maximize the reach of its products and services globally.

Megastar is a global, mobile-first, social media integrated emerging talent competition, featuring performers of any category, competing to win one Million US Dollars, a role in a film and various other prizes. Megastar winners are largely driven by fan engagement (crowd driven) throughout the competition via the Megastar App.

The first Megastar competition launches in MSMCI’s six core markets with the App available for download from the Apple and Google Stores. Additional MEGASTAR competitions will subsequently launch in various global markets via partnering and licensing agreements. Megastar was founded by Adam Wellisch and Dion Sullivan in February 2014 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange becoming MSMCI (ASX:MSM) in January 2016. The Company is currently headquartered in Sydney, Australia and Oakland, California, USA.

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