Grand Prix Du Canada “Montreal”, Its history is debatable!

Cars racing in the 1980 Montreal Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Du Canada is one of the more popular circuits in the F1 racing season. It is long overdue since there has not been a race since 2019, with the pandemic and all. Ile Notre Dame Circuit in Montreal is the Canadian Grand Prix and is rich in history when it comes to Formula 1 (F1) in the beautiful province of Quebec.  It is debatable where F1 history in Canada starts. Yes, we can talk about since 1961 Canada held a Grand Prix Du Canada at Mosport Park “Ontario” or in Mont-Tremblant “Quebec” with unsafe conditions on the tracks, but we’re not going to.

A Ferrari at the 1980 Montreal Grand Prix

For most, if not all F1 enthusiasts in Montréal and all over the beautiful province of Québec, the history of the Montréal Grand Prix starts in 1978. The inaugural race took place at ile Notre-Dame Circuit in Montréal, where the beloved-born Quebecoise driver Gilles Villeneuve won in his Prancing Red Horse (Ferrari). Years later in 1982 the circuit was named  “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve” and is so named until the present day.

In its rich history in Montréal, there have been countless times where speed and more speed dictated the race.  Long straights, overtaking and corners made many past winners humbled by its raw speed around the last bend of the track and grateful to be alive. When the speed demons take over, just like that, you crash into the wall of champions!

Ferrari, McLaren, and Williams with other names associated to name a few, “Williams-Ford, Williams-Honda, Williams-Renault and Mclaren-Honda, in the past have won several races here. Canadian Drivers like Gilles Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher made their Red Prancing horse (Ferrari) strut their stuff like a Mozart symphony on the track.

Drama, speed demons, corners and overtaking. Remembering Michael Schumacher  and his Ferrari. There is definitely a rich Formula 1 history in Montreal. Schumachers’ 7 wins as a driver and Ferraris’ (constructors) 14 wins.

To say that the Ferrari fans will be out in great numbers is an understandable statement. The history of this track and its many abundant races and dramas will continue.

You decided the history…

Finally, we are back in Montréals’ Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!

Stay viewed, this coming weekend for the Grand Prix Du Canada.  Our coverage begins Thursday June 16th with our F1 Feature of the Week.  It continues on Friday with Practice followed by Qualifying on Saturday and race day on Sunday.

Ennio Sorgini is a F1 Analyst with GTA Weekly News.

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