Jack “Insane in the Membrane” Campbell holds off Tampa Bay, Leafs win 5 – 2

Jack Campbell of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mandatory Credit: Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

In game 3 of the 2022 NHL First Round Playoffs the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 5 – 2. The Leafs were on the road playing at Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay Florida.

With the win the Maple Leafs now take the lead in the best of 7 series 2 – 1.

The Maple Leafs were disciplined in their approach on how they kept Tampa Bay at bay all evening.  It was depth scoring and the better skilled 3rd and 4th lines of the Leafs that out played Tampa Bay.  A relentless attack and forcheck helped them defeat the current back to back champions and take a lead in the series.

Pierre Engvall netted 3 assists. David Kampf scored 1 goal.  Ilya Mikheyev scored his first playoff goal and finished with 2 goals in the game and Colin Blackwell also recorded his first playoff goal.

Well done! All season long these depth players have been relentless and it continues in the playoffs.

Jack Campbell

Timely saves, depth scoring  and team defense helped the Leafs defeat the Lightning in their own barn but the story of this game was Leafs goalie Jack “Insane in the Membrane” Campbell.  Jack was outstanding this evening with timely saves showing his athletic ability.  He reminded me of his former mentor and partner on the Los Angeles Kings Jonathan Quick. Tonight he had Instincts of a cougar and played simply amazing!

Three Stars of the Game

  1. Jack “Soup” Campbell
  2. Pierre “E-long” Engvall
  3. Ilya “The Attacker” Mikheyev


Jack “Insane in the Membrane” Campbell said it best this evening,

“I think it’s human nature that as an athlete you want to be the best you can be.”

“Obviously ‘Vasy’ has proven how good he is over the course of his NHL career. So it’s a fun challenge and I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to do my best to beat him.”

Well said Jack, you were a cougar out there this evening.


There is no doubt that this a different Maple Leafs team than of the past few years in the playoffs. I can see their confidence growing game by game.  They get scoring from their star core but the better skilled and faster 3rd and 4th lines is making a huge difference in these games.

The Leafs could easily be up 3 – 0 in this series if it weren’t for Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Staying with the theme, Leafs in 5!  En route to the Stanley Cup finals!

This is En Sentry Sorgini reporting to you for GTA Weekly News. Stay tuned for my game 4 pregame brief on Sunday, May 8th.

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