Leafs lose 4-3, Series Tied Heading to Toronto

Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Make no mistake, the Toronto Maple Leafs have risen to the challenge.  Two costly turnovers put them in the rears early. A heart-wrenching loss in overtime might just be the best thing that could have happened to this team. You could see it in their eyes after the loss, they want it more than ever.

This group of Leaf’s players is very resilient.  They are determined, fast, skilled and on a mission to move forward and into the next round.

The large antiquity group of Toronto media personnel, mostly negative naysayers, just cannot let go of the past.  Stay in present, be a positive force when reporting and it might give the Toronto Maples players some positive karma and that extra boost they need to get them past the first round and beyond.

Can ya’ll do that? Change can be a good thing!


Leaf’s Coach Sheldon Keefe did a masterful job on the line combinations on the visiting team’s home ice and should be noted.

The black and white “Referees” well let’s keep this in a positive tone if possible, missed calls in overtime.  One Leaf-Star player was hit in the face and tripped and another was a “Bull” that kept on going while a certain Tampa player held on to him.

A bad call with the game on the line to give Tampa Bay a 5 on 3 powerplay. Wow! But hey let us keep it positive. They missed some calls, there only human.

Three Stars of the Game

  1. Brayden “On time” Point
  2. John “Reliable” Taveras
  3. Auston “The Bull Sniper” Matthews”


Lightning forward Steven Stamkos;

” You rely on past experience, we were in this position not too long ago. You just have to bring it. You never know what that moment is in the game.”

Yes, Stamkos and the Leafs will bring it in game 7.

Leafs Sniper Auston Matthews;

“It’s going to be a pretty exciting atmosphere and just something that we’ve got to embrace. It’s right there for us. We’ve just got to take it.”

Yes! You will take game 7.


Mathews played a complete game, a 200-foot game. He scored and hit everything in his way.

John Tavares played an amazing game also with 2 goals.  He was incredible in the face-off circle to lead the charge back from a 2 goal deficit.

The team showed resilience with excellent team defense which kept them in the game, along with goalie Jack Campbell’s timely saves helping to take them into overtime.

Stay tuned to Game 7 in Toronto, Saturday May 14th.

En route to the Stanley Cup final! This is En Sentry Sorgini reporting to you for GTA Weekly News . 

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