Mayssa Karaa launches “Simple Cure” after a long battle with identity

Mayssa Karaa "Versailles" music video out now

Mayssa Karaa launches her ten-track debut album “Simple Cure”, catapulted by the success of “White Rabbit”, which was featured on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack of Oscar-nominated film “American Hustle,” and her collaboration with Oscar-winner and producer AR Rahman titled “Hayati”, for which she received critical acclaim as it climbed the charts and reached No. 1 on Apple Music India

LOS ANGELESJuly 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In exciting news, Mayssa Karaa‘s considerable international success set the stage for the release of her full-length debut album titled “Simple Cure” on July 26th, 2019.  The album, from Soundrifft Records, was produced by Grammy-award winner Rich Jacques, and held “Versailles” as its lead single and first music video release. Click here to watch it now

Karaa’s hypnotic vocal delivery proves yet again unique, as it conveys a relatable message on ‘identity loss’ in an increasingly interconnected world. Mayssa elaborates, “This album is for those who dared to break their figurative shackles and chose to explore the world on their own terms.  In an effort to embrace their true identity and aspiration, the album is a musical journey of empowerment and self-acceptance.  With each song representing a chapter in my life story, I discovered that the ‘cure’ does not exist from without, but from within each of us!”

Critics compare Mayssa’s sound to “Florence Welch” and “Dua Lipa,” concurrently applauding her Lebanese influence.  Subtly political, she continuously redefines her identity as she embraces personal growth and new locations.

Musically, the album is wide-ranging as it features intimate songs with piano-based simplicity and epic electronic orchestrations.  She effortlessly incorporates timeless Middle Eastern influences, creating a unique brand in which she melts modern pop global music with her distinctive sound.

Starting her journey of self-exploration, the story of the album opens with “Call me a Stranger.”  She subsequently discovers that life is almost never black and white as depicted in the lyrics of “In the Grey.”  The carrier single “Versailles” next unfolds, contemplating the idea of reaching a “truce” from within and with the external world.  The album concludes with its most important and liberating message in “Simple Cure.”

“Simple Cure” will be available across all the major digital platforms for download and streaming. Click here to stream it now

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SOURCE Soundrifft Records

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