Ontario Keeping Thornhill Seniors Healthy, Active and Connected

Seniors Community Grants Supports Seniors’ Programs in Thornhill

left to right: PA Daisy Wai, Gary Gladstone, MPP Laura Smith, David Cohen, Minister Raymond Cho

THORNHILL On Tuesday December 13, 2022 MPP Laura Smith, Member of Provincial Parliament for Thornhill, visited the Mintz Family Elderhome on Crestwood, to make an important announcement alongside the Hon. Minister Raymond Cho and PA Daisy Wai. The Ontario government is investing in our Thornhill seniors by funding $69,695 in three projects that will help seniors stay safe, fit, active, healthy and socially connected across the community with Seniors Community Grants. 

left to right: David Cohen, PA Daisy Wai, Minister Raymond Cho, Gary Gladstone, MPP Laura Smith

Recipients in Thornhill include: 

  • Mintz Family Elderhome (Reena)
  • Navillera Korean Dance Company
  • Hesperus Fellowship Community of Ontario 

“Age and disability should not be a barrier to happiness. This is why we continue to support nonprofits, such as Reena, for the work they do for individuals who mean so much to our communities and families,” said MPP Smith. “Reena has been a strong presence in my riding, for over 20 years, and has continued to recognize and address the increased needs of individuals with developmental disabilities as they age. We support our not-for-profits, because they support us.” 

“This announcement will help Reena provide older adults with disabilities with access to a recreational therapist for individualized health and wellness visits to address isolation and depression in this most vulnerable population,” said the Honourable Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “These Seniors Community Grants are investments that are part of Premier Ford’s and the entire government’s commitment to helping people stay fit, active and socially connected.” 

“MPP Laura Smith is providing the kind of leadership for older adults who need the support here at Reena and all across Thornhill,” said Daisy Wai, Parliamentary Assistant for Seniors and Accessibility.

“This investment shows her ongoing commitment to everyone at Reena and the people who need these vital programs and services in this part of York Region.” 

left to right: Reena resident, MPP Laura Smith, Gary Gladstone, PA Daisy Wai

“Reena is delighted to be receiving the Seniors Community Grant,” said David Cohen, Executive Member, Reena Board of Directors.

“Reena was the first Developmental Services agency to open an elderhome in 2000, The Al and Faye Mintz Reena ElderHome, providing aging individuals with disabilities the supports they deserve. The  grant will allow seniors the access to recreational therapist at the leisure of their home.” 

The Mintz Family Elderhome (Reena), as well as the other two projects are part of the 305 Seniors Community Grants investing into communities across Ontario this year. Since 2018, Ontario has funded 1249 community-based projects and invested almost $22 million dollars in Seniors Community Grants that have kept seniors fit, active, healthy, and connected while helping to end social isolation and combat ageism. 


  • The Seniors Community Grants Program provides funding ranging from $1,000 up to $25,000 for local projects.
  • Ontario’s Seniors are the province’s fastest growing demographic, and by 2023, there will be 3 million Ontarians over the age of 65

SOURCE Office of MPP Laura Smith

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