Perspective: Jody Wilson-Raybould Will Run as a Liberal in the next election

Despite the very public disagreement …


The fallout from the SNC LAVALIN affair is being buried by the Liberals. They have decided to kiss and make up… as we say in Jamaica W.I.

The PM Justin Trudeau had removed MP Jody Wilson Raybould the first indigenous woman to hold the position of Justice Minister and Attorney General. It was an historic achievement and was a big let down when she was removed from Caucus. This proves that people can patch up their differences. We applaud the move.

Violated Ethics Rules

The Ethics Commissioner found that Trudeau violated ethics rules in the SNC Lavalin affair. He was trying to bend the laws to protect SNC from criminal prosecution. Trudeau claimed this could affect Canadian jobs. SNC is a large employer stationed in Quebec. Jody Wilson-Raybould resisted this move to protect SNC and complained that she felt pressured to act outside the law.


This sign of unity can only be good for the Liberals who go to the polls for reelection in October 2019. They are expected to be returned with a reduced majority, but still be the new government. The fate of Jane Philpots is not known at press time. You will recall that she was closely aligned to Jody and left in support of her cause in principle. Will she return?


We must say a day in politics is a very long time. Just don’t ever say never. You could be proven wrongly. This is a case in point. Nothing beats effective communication. We wish them well. Does this prove that Trudeau is a genuine feminist? We will see.
Will Jody be welcomed back with open arms? We hope so.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for GTA Weekly


  1. Independent

    Independents are not known to do very well in the Westminster form of democratic traditions. We wish her well without a party status she will not be on any committees etc. There are 338 members in parliament … she won’t have a voice. Good for you Jody.

    Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie

  2. Jody has won her Vancouver Granville Riding. This is quite an achievement. Mrs. Wilson Raybould succeeded in splitting the Liberal vote. We wish her well. What will she achieve without a party structure? Time will tell. Her close friend and partner in “royalty Jane Philpots lost her bid to be an Independent in parliament. She is left out in the cold.

  3. Correction

    Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Partner and friend in “disloyalty” Jane Philpots lost her bid to become an Independent did not materialize. She lost her bid. Politically her future is uncertain.

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