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UK PM Borris Johnson

February 3, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

PM Boris Johnson successfully took Britain out of the European Union,  he successfully fought off COVID-19, can he now successfully stage off a push to oust him as PM due to indiscretions? Sue Grey’s Report is causing him a bother as former PM Theresa May, whom Johnson ousted goes for his jugular. She may be anxious to exact revenge.

Sue Grey’s Report

Sue Grey’s Report being Debated In the British Commons/Parliament is causing quite a stir.  It is now charged with looking at possible acts of criminality. The Metropolitan police department has that responsibility.  I suspect that may be an escape route for the embattled PM Boris Johnson.

Top civil servant Sue Grey was asked to prepare a report of alleged breaches of the Covid regulations.

The report clearly showed that Boris Johnson lied to the Parliament which is a serious breach of Parliamentary rules. Such a breach forces such a perpetrator to resign.  Boris Johnson is trying to deflect this breach and instead focus on the vaccination programme and the potential for conflict by Russia as it relates to the build up of an estimated 100, 000 troops on the border off Ukraine.

“I am sorry”

PM Boris Johnson uttered … anxious to deflect attention away from the issue. There was a heavy reliance on alcohol which has been cited by Johnson’s critics.

PM Boris Johnson apologized openly.

“We can be trusted … I got it …I will set up a office of the Prime Minister.”

PM Johnson and his knife wielding conspirators are anxious to slit his throat.  They were responding to the damning report by Ms. Sue Grey on the findings of this long awaited report on the alleged breaches of the Covid 19 restrictions by 10 Downing Street.  This scandal is being dubbed “Partygate”.  The terms of reference for her report has been modified to exclude any criminal wrongdoing.

Breaking The Law

Opposition Leader Shama in a scathing attack on the PM has this to say inter alia:

“People stood by the law and feelings were hurt.  They could not visit their dying loved ones.  He showed himself unfit for office. It is everybody’s fault, but his. He will not resign because he is hiding behind a shield of shame. He is a man without shame. He insulted the public. He made some ridiculous statements like:  ‘I believe it was a work event.’  He has willfully misled parliament.  The PM inadvertently broke the rules.”


MP Blackwell of the Scottish Party said inter alia:

“The PM’s personal integrity is in a ditch.  Wait for the report we were reportedly told … there was a failure of leadership”

Theresa May, former PM had tough questions for the embattled PM Boris Johnson whom succeeded her as PM.

She said inter alia:

“I question why did they not obey the rules. They either did not read the rules or understand the rules. He (Johnson) imposed significant restrictions on the public.  No 10 was not obeying the rules”.


The PM Boris Johnson would be extremely lucky if he is able to talk is way out of this one and not be forced to resign.  Under the strict rules of the Westminster form of Parliamentary Democracy, any attempt to mislead Parliament is punishable by resignation.  That breach is considered a no no.

This scandal speaks volumes as to how people in high offices abuse their power. Power does corrupt.  Doesn’t it?


We are sitting at the edge of our seats fixing our eyes on the drama unfolding regarding 10 Downing Street, Office and home of the PM of Britain. It is likely a sleepless night for Boris Johnson tonight.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author and senior international journalist who writes for GTA Weekly News

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