Spin Master Debuts New Fantasy-Adventure Series Unicorn Academy™ Premiering Thursday, November 2nd

When a dark force threatens to destroy Unicorn Island, a brave teen and her five schoolmates must rise up to protect their beloved magical academy. (CNW Group/Spin Master)

TORONTO, /CNW/ – Spin Master Entertainment’s (www.spinmaster.com) new, fantasy-adventure children’s series, Unicorn Academy will debut on Netflix globally Thursday, November 2ndThe original, animated series will transport audiences to a magical world as they follow Sophia™ on her journey from ordinary to extraordinary. The epic adventure begins with a 72-minute movie premiere and eight, 22-minute episodes reaching audiences on Netflix globally and in 30 languages.

“The world of Unicorn Academy is officially unlocked and ready to welcome audiences in to meet the students as they discover their destinies as Unicorn Riders and explore the unbreakable bonds with their unicorns,” says Jennifer Dodge, Spin Master’s President of Entertainment. “Kids are going to fall in love with the magical series, which is just the tip of the iceberg. We are building out a complete franchise ecosystem, that will dive deeper into the lore of the world through ancillary content, toy play and consumer products for fans.”

Unicorn Academy is the boarding school of every kid’s dreams. Located on Unicorn Island, Sophia Mendoza and the rest of the freshman class must bond with a unicorn to unlock their magical powers; only then can they learn to become revered protectors of the island and its magic – all while balancing classwork and navigating new friendships. The series is adapted from The New York Times bestselling book series originated and published by Nosy Crow, written by Julie Sykes and published in North America by Penguin Random House.

Follow the adventures of the diverse characters including:

  • Sophia Mendoza (a.k.a. The Rebellious One) who stands out, not just because she’s a free-thinking individual who always does things her own way, but also because she isn’t afraid to break the rules… especially in her quest to uncover the truth.
  • Ava Banji (a.k.a. The Eternal Optimist) is Sophia’s very enthusiastic and delightfully kooky best friend whose bright, optimistic personality is impossible to dim.
  • Layla Fletcher (a.k.a. The Brilliant Problem-Solver) the brightest, shiniest academic star that the Academy has ever seen with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things unicorn, and a unique interest in all things Unicorn Island.
  • Isabel Armstrong (a.k.a The Competitive Warrior) by far the most athletic student at Unicorn Academy, she excels at unicorn riding and has become quite used to winning and as a result, extremely competitive.
  • Valentina Furi (a.k.a The Mean-Girl-ish) is a feisty fashionista that brings the heat to Unicorn Academy. Her over the top personality really shouldn’t come as a surprise as she constantly reminds anyone who will listen, her ancestors were some of the original unicorn riders that founded the Academy centuries ago.
  • Rory Carmichael (a.k.a. The Fun-Loving Prankster Goofball) is an outgoing, lively student, who loves to have fun. YOLO to the core, Rory clearly lives in the moment and his good-nature and positive vibes means Rory gets along with everyone.

Then there are the unicorns, roaming  throughout Unicorn Island – from the meadows to the forests, to the distant deserts – majestic unicorns of all shapes, sizes, colors, and magical powers. These powers can only be unlocked by bonding with their Unicorn Rider.

Follow the adventures at:

YouTube @UnicornAcademyOfficial
Instagram @UnicornAcademy
Facebook @UnicornAcademy
TikTok @UnicornAcademy

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