Statement from Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner on Data Privacy Day

Brian Beamish, Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner,

TORONTOJan. 25, 2018 /CNW/ – Brian Beamish, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, released the following statement to mark Data Privacy Day on January 28:

“Recognized around the globe, Data Privacy Day raises awareness of privacy and personal data protection. Your data says a lot about you, and in today’s interconnected world, it can be collected, analyzed and shared in ways that put your privacy at risk.

While the analysis of personal information by government has the potential to improve public services, it can also be used in ways that are invasive, inaccurate or discriminatory. Without the proper safeguards in place, sensitive personal information is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

My office is committed to upholding the privacy rights of Ontarians and ensuring the public institutions entrusted with their personal information manage it responsibly. Evidence-based decision making can offer significant opportunities for government and the public, but these advancements should not come at the cost of personal privacy.

It’s time for the government to modernize Ontario’s privacy laws, to ensure public institutions harness data and analytics tools in a privacy-protective way.”

SOURCE Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario

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