Sweet Justice Launches OG Cola – Canada’s First Cannabis Infused Cola

TORONTO, Aug. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Electric Brands Inc. has launched Sweet Justice, a new collection of Cannabis-infused beverages now available in British Columbia, Ontario and coming soon to Alberta. As one of Canada’s first independent, craft cannabis beverage brands, Sweet Justice is focused on elevating social moments by developing vibrant sips and classics with a twist starting with Canada’s first infused cola – OG Cola.

OG Cola was developed to be familiar and approachable for both new and experienced cannabis consumers. Made with high quality natural flavours, sweetened with real sugar and infused with a nano cannabis emulsion for a faster onset, OG Cola provides an exceptional flavour profile and drinking experience. It’s a true throwback to that classic cola flavour, infused with 3.5mg of THC and only 100 calories per 355ml can.

“Sweet Justice was born in a kitchen over the course of many house parties,” said Marc Ross of Electric Brands Inc. “As more and more friends tried our bevvies, they stopped bringing alcohol and we knew we were on to something. The combination of great taste, fewer calories than an alcohol beverage, and a non-intimidating dose so that you can enjoy a few throughout the evening really struck a chord with our inner circle.”

“We set out on a mission to develop a collection of cannabis infused beverages that people would love by focusing on consumer feedback to find winning combination of product attributes,” added Ross.

Sweet Justice – OG Cola is available now through cannabis retailers across British Columbia and Ontario and will soon be available in Alberta.

SOURCE Electric Brands Inc.

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