Toronto Public Health working with schools to respond to variants of concern linked to school settings

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Toronto Public Health (TPH) is currently working with schools in Toronto in which at least one individual linked to the school has screened positive for a COVID-19 variant of concern (VOC). To date eight local schools have at least one case linked to a screened positive or probable VOC.

The schools impacted are the following:
•       Beverley School
•       Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute
•       Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah
•       Gulfstream Public School
•       The Toronto Cheder
•       St. Helen Catholic School
•       Dante Alighieri Academy
•       Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

The affected individuals and cohorts have been dismissed from school with guidance based on their level of risk. TPH has followed up with close contacts in affected class cohorts and has recommended testing.

The following actions currently in place in schools are aimed at keeping schools as safe as possible in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and VOCs:
•       Coordinating COVID-19 testing for the school community
•       Requiring staff and students to complete and submit a daily screening and to stay home if they do not pass
•       Requiring students to be placed in cohorts that do not interact with other cohorts
•       Providing infection prevention and control advice
•       Requiring physical distancing as much as possible
•       Requiring masks be worn inside
•       Reminding everyone to wash their hands often
•       Recommending targeted testing

COVID-19 VOCs are known to be spreading in the city, and the province.  VOCs are believed to be more transmissible. This increases the risk that the virus will spread between people. Faster and wider spread of the virus makes it more likely that more people will get sick, which can increase strain on the health care system. Recently TPH has seen an increase in VOCs. TPH is releasing this information in an effort to ensure the public remains vigilant in efforts to help stop the spread and as part of the TPH’s response to COVID-19.

The health and well-being of students, staff, and the community remains Toronto Public Health’s highest priority

SOURCE  City of Toronto

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