Xenophobia Hits Canada


The Vancouver National News is reporting that a great grandfather of Asian descent was dragged from a business place in Vancouver and thrown in the street.


It is not immediately clear if this vicious and senseless attack was C19 related as the information is sketchy. We would not be surprised as there have been many such attacks since the outbreak of this deadly virus which originated in China and has spread like wildfire worldwide.

The police has reported that they have a suspect, but no arrests to date. We will update you.


Such behaviour is not in keeping with Canada’s international image as a very caring society where respect for all races is assured.

Shame on such an attacker. We hope the police will move swiftly to make an arrest.

It should be noted that the great grandfather is a very senior citizen of 92.  His condition medically is stable.  We expect him to survive this attack.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National Correspondent for GTA Weekly

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