Xtraction Services, LLC receives $5,000,000 investment from Archytas Ventures for Disruptive “Extraction-As-A-Service”, Innovative Financing Solution

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20L & 5L Machine (PRNewsfoto/Archytas Ventures)

LOS ANGELESNov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Archytas Ventures, LLC, www.ArchytasVentures.com, a leading investment company providing strategic capital solutions to the cannabis industry, has closed a $5,000,000 investment in Xtraction Services (“XS”).  With the investment, XS has launched a first-of-its-kind “Extraction–as-a-Service” offering and has significantly expanded machine production.

XS provides state-of-the-art, fully-automated, supercritical CO2 extraction machines with on-site staffing at no upfront cost, and a simple volume-based pricing model. Designed by thermal dynamics engineer, Dr. Dwayne Dundore, XS is the premier extraction machine created specifically for cannabis. “There is no need to use retrofitted equipment from the botanical industry for cannabis extraction,” says Dr. Dundore. “Cannabis is far heartier than botanicals, which helps explain why it is called ‘weed’.”

For 30 years, Dundore has designed, built, and deployed some of the largest supercritical extraction units in the world for SAIC, General Atomics, and the U.S. Department of Defense.  “Working with highly respected operators, such as Knox Medical, has allowed us to rapidly iterate and launch our units,” says Dr. Dundore. XS machines are currently operating across the U.S. and Canada.

“We believe Xtraction Services will revolutionize the industry,” says Antony Radbod, co-founder of Archytas Ventures. “XS machine configurations can extract up to 3,000 lbs. of feedstock daily, and are essential for companies who want to rapidly expand. Traditional business models are migrating into the cannabis industry, but many lack the value proposition needed to achieve critical mass. When you need equipment, like an office printer, Xerox simply installs it, and provides the ink, toner, training and maintenance, all for a flat per-page rate.”

Xtraction Services takes this model to the next-level, by also offering trained professionals to oversee, manage, and operate the entire extraction process. By removing the upfont cost for all machines and staffing, in addition to standard operating procedures, oil extractors are no longer limited by cash on hand or the need to expend resources raising dilutive equity/high cost debt.

“Most people ask, what does your machine yield?” says Dr. John MacKay, former Senior Director, Strategic Technologies, at Waters Corp. “The better question is, how much oil is left un-extracted in waste product?” The XS machine was built as industrial grade equipment, like a workhorse.  It runs at 5,000 psi, flow rates exceeding 4,600 ml per minute, and features ASME certified supercritical reactors.

For more information visit www.XtractNow.com or contact sales@Xtractnow.com


SOURCE Archytas Ventures

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