Community Members are Taking a Polar Plunge for Bolton C. Falby PS

February 26, 2021 | DDSB |

Bolton C. Falby Public School’s breakfast program gets a boost from the Rotary Club’s Virtual Polar Plunge

Ajax’s Rotary Club, the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Charitable Committee and the Durham District School Board have partnered up again this year for the Rotary Polar Plunge, taking place from February 27 to March 6. It’s a fun event that encourages participants to fundraise or donate and take a leap for charity with proceeds going to Bolton C. Falby Public School’s Breakfast Program.

Since this year’s the event is virtual, people are coming up with creative ideas to participate, such as jumping into snow banks, getting splashed with water outside or taking a quick dip in a mini swimming pool in their backyard. Participants are encouraged to record their experience and post them online an tagging the Rotary Club.

Lon Harnish is the past president of the Rotary Club and chair of the event Polar Plunge event. He created the event with the focus to help children in need. The following local businesses are also sponsoring this great cause: Ajax Hyundai, Scotiabank, John Boddy Homes and the Pickering Royal Canadian Legion.

“This event helps the school as it raises awareness of education for all an on an equal footing,” Harnish says. “Hungry kids do not learn and not every family is fully able to manage.”

Making a Difference

Stacey Lepine is the Senior Manager with responsibility for the Make A Difference Department is happy that DDSB was able to come together with the Rotary Club and OPG Charitable Committee, especially since the need is so great during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She says, “We recognize that it takes a community to support our children and youth. Partnering with Ajax Rotary who pride themselves on ‘Service above Self’ and have a mandate that calls on Rotarians as ‘People of Action’ to participate in an annual campaign that emphasizes ‘Together We Fight Hunger” aligns with DDSB strategic priorities of Well-Being, Success and Engagement.”

Bolton C. Falby Public School’s Principal Conor Jinkinson has already participated in the Polar Plunge. He has challenged his Bolton C. Falby PS team who braved the icy waters with him last year, the DDSB Make a Difference Foundation team, and DDSB’s Administrative Council team to join in to the challenge in support of DDSB students.

“To start with it was cold! I woke up to a thermometer that said -21˚C.  I jumped in a nearly waist high snowbank jump wearing flowered shorts and a shirt,” he shares. “It is all worth it for our students and families in the DDSB! It was fun to think of how to get creative with the initiative this year and I can’t wait to see how everyone else does it!” Click the link to see Jinkinson’s plunge into the snow bank:

Everyone is hoping that this year’s Polar Plunge is successful. Lepine says, “We are extremely grateful to Ajax Rotary for their leadership and the difference they are making for our students at Bolton C. Falby Public School.”

There is still time to get involved! To find out more information about the Rotary Club’s Virtual Polar Plunge visit:


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