F1 Racing: 2022 British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit; Practice 3

Max Verstappen during Practice 3 at the 2022 British Grand Prix.

Good morning, bonjour Canada! Bienvenue a tous! We are back at the 2022 British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit for Practice 3.

A variety of tyres are being fitted by the teams and could be in use for Q1, Q2 and Q3. Look out for the soft tyre compound in the last 20 mins of this session. Drivers will be going for their flying laps and will evaluate their cars around the sweeping bends and “Copes Corner” to their limits just before qualification.

Today on Day 2, the day will be split into two sessions, Practice 3 and Qualifying.

We will see more laps and more data being collected but the teams real focus will be on the downdraft and how aerodynamics are playing a huge part on this track.

In Practice 3 (FP3), we will see more pace and precision driving by the drivers around these sweeping bends and high-speed turns. The drivers will be pushing the outer limits of the track for the best line as drivers and engineers relay vital information on their cars and track conditions before qualifications. They will be collecting data on the 3 sectors. Speed and braking location around the track will be essential information come Race Day Sunday.

Opportunities will be available to overtake around the sweeping bends, high-speed wide curves and quick straights. But the apex of these Krebs could play into the strategy and limits of the track.

We have one more session left and then we are off to Qualification Q1, Q2 and Q3/ “Pole Positions.” 

Practice 3 Brief

We have a cool and dry track, a green light and they are off for Practice 3 (FP3).

The Red Bulls come out flying and are looking better than yesterday’s session.

The “Silver Arrows” teammates, HAMILTON and RUSSELL, are keeping pace.

Ferraris’ Charles Leclerc is coming into form and looking to improve from his last session.

It’s the final few minutes in the session, the pace has picked up and the flying laps are coming in.

As we come into the last few seconds we have both Red Bull Racing teammates in Ist and 2nd on top of the timesheet. VERSTAPPEN finishes first with a time of 1:27.901 and PEREZ finishing in 2nd with a time of 1:28.311.  In 3rd is LECLERC with a time of 1:28.348 followed by both Mercedes drivers of HAMILTON and RUSSELL and another Ferrari, SAINZ.

Stay viewed for Q1, Q2 and Q3.  It should be unpredictable as the drivers race for grid and pole position in tomorrow’s race.

We might have rain in the forecast for qualification!


We had a few issues to fix with Perez’s car, had some overnight work done” Christina Horner, Team Principal

Ennio Sorgini is an F1 Analyst with GTA Weekly News

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